The Palette
The Palette
The Palette
Salt New York

The Palette

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The original vegan magnetic makeup palette for people that like pretty makeup, smart things and obsessive organizational abilities.


  • Mix and Match with Crème Tint Pro by Salt New York. Choose from highlighters, bronzers, and lip + cheek crèmes to build the palette you want. The Palette comfortably fits up to 8 pans of Crème Tint Pro (with room for a small brush or tool.) 
  • Depot and store makeup that you own.
  • Hold brushes, liners, pencils, domed powders, and other makeup products and tools*

*Must have a depth of .4"or less.

Travel Friendly

  • You know when you put makeup in a bag and it clangs together and breaks and coats literally every millimeter of every object in your bag in infuriatingly-difficult-to-remove dusty garbage particles? Yeah, let's not do that anymore. The Palette keeps everything secure and sidesteps the entire makeup bumper car situation. Yay.
  • Wouldn't it be nice to only open one compact when applying your makeup instead of juggling between blush, bronzer, and highlight compacts, and two different eyeshadow palettes? And also have that compact include a mirror that's big enough to view more than half of one eyebrow at once? Yes. Yes it would be nice. Depot your whole makeup collection into The Palette and enjoy the niceness.

Environmentally Conscious

  •  We would like to extend the sincerest middle finger to the concept of planned obsolescence. Using the highest quality, eco-friendly, post-consumer recycled materials and vegan leather, we built The Palette to last. 
  • In the US, cosmetics packaging accounts for upwards of 25 million tons of waste annually. Buying makeup in the pan addresses this issue head on—it's the thing purchasing equivalent of saying to Mama Nature, "I gotchu."


Exterior: 8"x5"x1"

Interior of magnetic base: 6.25"x3.8"x.4"

Weight: 14oz

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